DEMO Light -

a gone craftsmanship revisited


The DEMO Workshop presents a revived Icelandic craftsmanship rooted in Scandinavian tradition, which used to be common in various versions during the fifth and the sixth decade of last century. Only a few items have been preserved which now do inspire the artisans of the DEMO Light.


The people behind the workshop, i.e. Dagný Elsa Einarsdóttir and Magnús Ólafsson, have this to say: "We made a few changes, added brass rings to strengthen the framework and simplified the inner structure. Our reconstruction is more colourful than the original design, yet we were very conscious of not loosing sight of the authentic appearance". Mr. Ólafsson is a senior furniture maker, whereas Mrs. Einarsdóttir has studied furniture making as well as design and craft.


The DEMO Light comprises the first project of their co-operation but both are interested in preservation and revival of Icelandic handicraft and furniture making, especially of the period of 1940 to 1970. During this era artisans as a rule both designed and crafted furniture and through this arrangement a very special workshop culture came to flourish, particularly in the major towns in the country of that time, i.e. in Reykjavík and in Akureyri. The DEMO artisans want to point out the innovative impetus, which characterized this period.


The DEMO Light is available in pine, maple and teak both natural and in various colours. The framework is made from pine; the exterior part is composed of veneers whereas the brass rings and the socket holder are metallic. On the other hand the light socket is traditionally made of plastic and can tolerate a light bulb up to 60 W. The cable is cotton covered and available in different colour and structure.


The DEMO Light is handmade apart from traditional hardware manufacturing of the wood.